Simon Jermyn's Trot A Mouse A Pictorial Atlas of Mammals

Trot A Mouse - A Pictorial Atlas of Mammals - Skirl Records


  • Simon Jermyn electric bass
  • Mat Maneri viola
  • Ingrid Laubrock  tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
  • Tom Rainey  drums

Recording track list

  1. Otis
  2. Victor
  3. Flow My Tears
  4. Balance itself is the good
  5. Hive
  6. Lean
  7. Canoe
  8. Firmly, like an anchor to a balloon
  9. Circus
  10. I saw my baby weepe

Trot A Mouse - A Pictorial Atlas of Mammals: release info

Skirl Records

Recorded at Trout Recording, September 2012 by Adam Sachs and Ryan Ferriera 
Mixed by Ryan Ferriera 
Mastered by Nate Wood 
Artwork and design by Annika Jermyn 
Released on Skirl Records 

All compositions by Simon Jermyn except Flow My Tears and I Saw My Lady Weepe by John Dowland and Balance Itself Is The Good and Firmly, Like An Anchor to A Balloon by Jermyn/Laubrock/Maneri/Rainey

released October 8, 2015