Ingrid Laubrock / Anti-House / Roulette of the Cradle

Anti-House / Roulette of the Cradle - Intakt CD 252/2015


  • INGRID LAUBROCK: Saxophones
  • KRIS DAVIS: Piano
  • TOM RAINEY: Drums 
  • OSCAR NORIEGA: Clarinet

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Anti-House / Roulette of the Cradle: release info

Intakt CD 252/2015

INGRID LAUBROCK's ANTI-HOUSE new release on Intakt Records, $16 + pp, international shipping rates apply

Anti-House is perhaps Laubrock’s most New York-centric band, comprised of herself on tenor and soprano saxophones, guitarist Mary Halvorson, pianist Kris Davis, bassist John Hébert, and drummer Tom Rainey. Bert Noglik writes in the liner notes of this third release «Roulette of the Cradle»: «Abstraction and reification, accentuation and accumulation, laid-back and pushing. The music of this quintet thrives on strong contrasts and the tension they create. The dynamic spectrum is almost taken to its limits, a lot of things are happening simultaneously. Ingrid Laubrock calls the shots, always with an ear to the particular expressive potential and sounds of the individual musicians. Through her growing experience as a player this happens with increasing aplomb, which also accounts for the forward leap when compared to the previous recordings with the band – Anti-House (2010) and Anti- House: Strong Place (2012).

There is as much a desire for form as for opening up the playing process towards the unpredictable, the unexpected. It is especially the high quality of the musicians contributing to the unmistakable group sound of Anti-House and, at the same time, the powerful individual styles that don’t just meld together but potentiate each other, as well.

Ingrid Laubrock: Saxophones, Mary Halvorson: Guitar, Kris Davis: Piano, John Hébert: Bass, Tom Rainey: Drums, Guest: Oscar Noriega: Clarinet All compositions by Ingrid Laubrock (PRS). Recorded on December 5, 2014 at Systems Two, Brooklyn by Joe Marciano, assistant engineer Max Ross. Mixed and mastered by Liberty Ellman, February 2015.Liner notes: Bert Noglik. Cover art: Malene Bach. Photos: Cees van de Ven. Graphic design: Jonas Schoder.

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