Monochromes - Intakt Records


Ingrid Laubrock: Tenor and Soprano Saxophone 
Jon Irabagon: Sopranino Saxophone 
Zeena Parkins: Electric Harp 
Tom Rainey: Drums 

Tape pieces in order of appearance: 
Trumpets: Nate Wooley 
Accordions: Adam Matlock 
Percussion: Tom Rainey 
Harry Bertoia Sculptures: JD Allen, David Breskin & Ingrid Laubrock 
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Monochromes 39:18

Monochromes: release info

Intakt Records

Saxophonist and composer Ingrid Laubrock is at the center of today‘s Brooklyn avant-garde, and over the past decade has steadily expanded her reach as a composer, devising new ways to inspire, organize, and situate improvised music. Intakt Records has released several of her most impressive compositional works, including two orchestral recordings, Contemporary Chaos Practices (2018) and Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt (2020). Monochromes marks a new chapter in her oeuvre, as she has written and designed richly detailed fixed-media works as a starting point for improvisations. “In early 2020, just before the pandemic shut down the world, she began to record the sonic materials that would serve as the fixed media in the piece. Laubrock asked a handful of close collaborators to realize her scores, which mix conventional and graphic notation with text instructions. In each of the four sections of the uninterrupted work (or monochromes), seriously kinetic, shape-shifting tape pieces unfurl, giving a set of additional improvisers an often unpredictable sonic provocation”, writes Peter Margasak in the liner notes. With Monochromes, Ingrid Laubrock presents an artistic statement that reflects the turbulence of an age gone off the rails. A masterpiece! 
Recorded August 18, 2022, edited and mixed at Oktaven Audio by Ryan Streber. Composition by Ingrid Laubrock. Mastered at Cell Labs East by David Torn. Art & Design: Steve Byram. Liner notes: Peter Margasak. Booklet Design: Fiona Ryan. Third Panel Art from Photos by Bruce Saltzstine. Produced by Ingrid Laubrock and Intakt Records. Published by Intakt Records. Intakt Records, P.O. Box, 8024 Zürich, Switzerland.
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