Ingrid Laubrock/Serpentines

Serpentines - Intakt CD 272/2016


Ingrid Laubrock – Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Glockenspiel, Composition
Peter Evans – Piccolo Trumpet, Trumpet
Miya Masaoka – Koto
Craig Taborn – Piano
Sam Pluta – Electronics
Dan Peck – Tuba
Tyshawn Sorey – Drums

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Recording track list

  1. Pothole Analytics Pt 1
  2. Pothole Analytics Pt 2
  3. Chip in Brain
  4. Squirrels
  5. Serpentines

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Serpentines: release info

Intakt CD 272/2016

Ingrid Laubrock/Serpentines new release on Intakt Records, advance copies available for $15 + pp, international shipping rates apply

The septet’s music weaves together Ingrid Laubrock‘s compositions with improvisation and live processing, often in multiple simultaneous layers.The four compositions in the form an imaginative and evocative piece that straddles the boundaries of improvisation, new music and avant-jazz.

Ingrid Laubrock Septet consists of New York City-based musicians who have all made a huge impact as composers, performers and improvisers in their own right. It’s a cast of innovative performers who are specialized in experimental music and constantly look for fresh avenues to create truly new music.

Recorded on May 24, 2016 at Systems Two, Brooklyn by Joe Marciano, assistant engineer Max Ross. Mixed by Sam Pluta, mastered by Alan Silverman.Cover art: Malene Bach.Graphic design: Jonas Schoder. Photo: Reuben Radding. Liner notes: Florian Keller. Produced by Ingrid Laubrock and Intakt Records.

Underwriting support provided by the Robert D. Bielecki Foundation