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Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt - Intakt CD 355


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Recording track list


1. Dreamt Twice 9:58
2. Snorkel Cows 13:19
3. Drilling 18:38
4. I Never Liked That Guy 11:11
5. Down the Mountain, Down the Mountain 7:42



1. Snorkel Cows 12:13
2. Drilling 15:53
3. I Never Liked That Guy 10:22
4. Down the Mountain, Down the Mountain 7:22
5. Twice Dreamt 8:35

Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt: release info

Intakt CD 355

The double album Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt follows Ingrid Laubrock's landmark orchestral album Contemporary Chaos Practices from 2018 (Intakt CD 314). 

On Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt Laubrock presents five compositions in double version. On the first CD, the EOS Chamber Orchestra Cologne interprets Laubrock's compositions. The soloists are Cory Smythe (piano), Sam Pluta (electronics), Robert Landfermann (bass), Tom Rainey (drums) and Ingrid Laubrock (saxophone). On the second CD of the double album, a filigree ensemble based around the core trio of Ingrid Laubrock, Cory Smythe, Sam Pluta and guests Adam Matlock, Josh Modney and Zeena Parkins play the same five compositions.

The two CDs of Dreamt Twice, Twice Dream contrast, diverge and complement each other. Ingrid Laubrock writes: "While the small-group versions were composed first, I did not just re-arrange those compositions for the orchestra but rather re-imagined them. As I wrote the large-scale pieces, I often zoomed in on a detail in a small-group version to generate a materially different large-group piece."

Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt paints fascinating musical panoramas, inspired by the composer's dream worlds, characterized by Laub­rock's ability to compose and the individual colors and shades of the soloists.

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