Anti-House, review by Bruce Lee Gallanter

Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC, September 2010

This is Ms. Laubrock's second disc as a leader and both are quite different. Over the past couple of years, Ingrid has worked with all of the musicians on this disc in various groupings like Tom Rainey's 'Pool School' trio with Mary Halvorson and 'Paradoxical Frog' with Kris Davis & Tyshawn Sorey, both on Clean Feed. 'Anti-House' is one of the best and most unpredictable discs I've heard this year. Ingrid has chosen a strong cast of players, each with their own sound and approach. "Slowfish Glowfish" is first and it is balances between a few different themes with Mary's guitar & Ingrid's soprano trying to strangle each other while Tom Rainey's mallets & John Hebert's steady bass hold everything tightly together. Ingrid and Mary are kindred spirits, going from noisy and intense to more subtle jazz sounds in the next phrase. Kris Davis' piano enters when you least expect it adding some surprising twists and shades to the sax and guitar excursions. Often Ingrid writes and plays these twisted melodies which are a perfect foil for Mary's eclectic and unique approach to the guitar. Acoustic bassist John Hebert is another important part of this team and can be found applying his solid playing to a number of difficult situations. Equally important is master-drummer Tom Rainey who adds his own rhythmic perspective, often making whatever group he is in better in different ways. Tom's drumming has a natural flow that shifts dynamics, throwing an invisible web over the top, connecting all of the musicians in ways that are not always obvious. Ingrid and Mary are undeniably still young and influenced by a wealth of styles & genres, but rarely held to down to any one idea for too long. Hence, these pieces dip into rock, folk, jazz, lower-case, noise, freedom and humorous streams. Where they will end up is anybody's guess, that's what makes this so much fun. At nearly 73 minutes in length, I don't think I need to describe any more of the surprises that are in store for the adventurous listener. Decide for yourself. Am I a member of the Ingrid Laubrock fan-club (NY chapter)? You bet I am