The band:

Ingrid Laubrock - Contemporary Chaos Practices Two Works for Orchestra + Soloists 

Vogelfrei and Contemporary Chaos Practices: Recorded December 15 & 16, 2017 Power Station at BerkleeNYC, New York City Recorded and Mixed by Ron Saint Germain Mastered by Scott Hull at Masterdisk Produced by David Breskin and Ingrid Laubrock Copyright Ingrid Laubrock 2018 PRS/MCPS

Coming on Intakt Records/November 2018 

soloists: Ingrid Laubrock: soprano + tenor saxophones Mary Halvorson: guitar Kris Davis: piano Nate Wooley: trumpet 

Eric Wubbels: Conductor 1, Taylor Ho Bynum: Conductor 2 

Christa Robinson: Oboe  Katie Scheele: Oboe, English Horn Michel Gentile: Flutes, Piccolo Zach Sheets: Flute, Piccolo, Bass Flute Joshua Rubin: Clarinet, Bass Clarinet Katie Schoepflin: Clarinet + Bass Clarinet Bohdan Hilash: Contrabass Clarinet, Clarinet + Bass Clarinet, Dana Jessen: Bassoon Nanci Belmont: Bassoon John Gattis: French Horn Elizabeth Fleming: French Horn Gareth Flowers: Trumpet + Piccolo Tpt. Nate Wooley: Trumpet Jacob Garchik: Trombone  Mike Lormand: Trombone Dan Peck: Tuba Tim Feeney: Percussion Clara Warnaar: Percussion  Erica Dicker: Violin Mark Feldman: Violin Sarah Goldfeather: Violin Mazz Swift: Violin Elena Moon Park: Violin Maya Bennardo: Violin Sam Bardfeld: Violin Jean Cook: Violin Megan Gould: Violin Hannah Levinson: Viola Miranda Sielaff: Viola Dominic DeStefano: Viola Katinka Kleijn: Cello Maria Hadge: Cello Talia Dicker: Cello Greg Chudzik: Bass Pat Swoboda: Bass  

Josh Sinton: Amplified Contrabass Clarinet

Vocalists: Walker J Jackson Roland Burks Chris DiMeglio Tomas Cruz Kyoko Kitamura Kamala Sankaram Emilie Lesbros Amirtha Kidambi

Recording made possible with the kind support of The Shifting Foundation


About Orchestra

I am so happy to announce that my album of orchestral works with improvising soloists will be released on Intakt Records in November 2018. It was an incredible undertaking and the fulfillment of a dream I had been having for a long time.