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Ingrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief Ingrid Laubrock’s Sleepthief - photo by Lydia Polzer

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Liam Noble and I have been playing together since 2005. He's someone who's playing I have always admired for it's mindfulness, strength, harmonic interest and often disguised lyricism. He definitely has his own sound and really improvises, whether he plays standards, compositions or in a more free context.
The two of us used to play standards together, often stretching the material and having most fun when it felt like we were balancing on a crevasse (speaking for myself here). Liam is also the person who introduced me to Tom Rainey, as Tom plays on his CD "Romance of the Fishes"
While Tom was visiting the UK we decided to get together and play trio and Sleepthief was born. It worked so well I immediately decided it was a keeper.

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This is a remarkable assemblage of three musicians. All three understand subtlety and understatement is one of the most attractive elements of this group.(…)Ingrid Laubrock seems to be mindful of the old dictum "jazz is the element of surprise". The entire trio seems to be operating on this principle and therein lies the success of The Madness Of Crowds. And that makes it one of the best free jazz albums that have been released recently.
Stuart Kremsky/Cadence USA