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Sunday 28, November 2021

2021 Fromm Commissioned Composers announced

I am honored to be one of the recipients of the 2021 Fromm Commissions, alongside David Bird, Pablo Chin, Jessie Cox, Louis Goldford, 
Selim Göncü, Anthony Green, Tomás Gueglio Saccone, Michelle Lou, Nicole Mitchell, Diana Rodríguez, Sang Song, Katherine Young and Pamela Z.

The Board of Directors of the Fromm Music Foundation at Harvard University has announced the names of fourteen composers selected to receive 2021 Fromm commissions. These commissions represent one of the principal ways that the Fromm Music Foundation seeks to strengthen composition and to bring contemporary concert music closer to the public. In addition to the commissioning award, a subsidy is available for the ensemble performing the premiere of the commissioned work.

Monday 27, December 2021
Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt

Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt

Dreamt Twice, Twice Dreamt is probably the most personal record I have ever made. Almost two years of hard work has gone into the making of it and I am immensely proud of the result. It's a double record  - the first CD features music for chamber orchestra + soloists, the second for small ensembles, playing upside down and inside out versions of the same,dream based compositions. 
to buy physical copies, please click here for $25 +pp.
The digital version is available from Intakt Record's Bandcamp 
I am a tenor and soprano saxophonist and composer, living in Brooklyn/NYC.

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